July - December 2015

Volume 33

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17 December 2015 | research article

Which transition comes first? Urban and demographic transitions in Belgium and Sweden

Philippe Bocquier, Rafael Costa

Volume: 33 Article ID: 48
Pages: 1297–1332
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.48

16 December 2015 | descriptive finding

Education stalls and subsequent stalls in African fertility: A descriptive overview

Anne Goujon, Wolfgang Lutz, Samir KC

Volume: 33 Article ID: 47
Pages: 1281–1296
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.47

15 December 2015 | descriptive finding

How integrated are immigrants?

Rickard Sandell, Pierluigi Contucci

Volume: 33 Article ID: 46
Pages: 1271–1280
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.46

09 December 2015 | descriptive finding

Unintended pregnancy and the changing demography of American women, 1987-2008

Athena Tapales, Lawrence Finer

Volume: 33 Article ID: 45
Pages: 1257–1270
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.45

08 December 2015 | descriptive finding

Are there gender differences in family trajectories by education in Finland?

Marika Jalovaara, Anette Fasang

Volume: 33 Article ID: 44
Pages: 1241–1256
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.44

04 December 2015 | research article

A multistate life table approach to understanding return and reentry migration between Mexico and the United States during later life

Alma Vega, Noli Brazil

Volume: 33 Article ID: 43
Pages: 1211–1240
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.43

04 December 2015 | research article

Mother’s educational level and single motherhood: Comparing Spain and Italy

Anna Garriga, Sebastià Sarasa, Paolo Berta

Volume: 33 Article ID: 42
Pages: 1165–1210
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.42

27 November 2015 | descriptive finding

Income sources and intergenerational transfers in different regimes: The case of East Germany's transformation

Tobias Vogt, Fanny Annemarie Kluge

Volume: 33 Article ID: 41
Pages: 1153–1164
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.41

26 November 2015 | descriptive finding

Non-resident parent-child contact after marital dissolution and parental repartnering: Evidence from Italy

Silvia Meggiolaro, Fausta Ongaro

Volume: 33 Article ID: 40
Pages: 1137–1152
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.40

18 November 2015 | research article

The educational integration of second generation southern Italian migrants to the north

Gabriele Ballarino, Nazareno Panichella

Volume: 33 Article ID: 39
Pages: 1105–1136
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.39

17 November 2015 | research article

Earnings and first birth probability among Norwegian men and women 1995-2010

Rannveig Hart

Volume: 33 Article ID: 38
Pages: 1067–1104
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.38

13 November 2015 | research article

Old age insurance participation among rural-urban migrants in China

Min Qin, Yaer Zhuang, Hongyan Liu

Volume: 33 Article ID: 37
Pages: 1047–1066
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.37

12 November 2015 | descriptive finding

The effects of wealth, occupation, and immigration on epidemic mortality from selected infectious diseases and epidemics in Holyoke township, Massachusetts, 1850−1912

Susan Hautaniemi Leonard, Christopher Robinson, Alan C. Swedlund, Douglas Anderton

Volume: 33 Article ID: 36
Pages: 1035–1046
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.36

11 November 2015 | descriptive finding

Educational attainment and adult literacy: A descriptive account of 31 Sub-Saharan Africa countries

Emily Smith-Greenaway

Volume: 33 Article ID: 35
Pages: 1015–1034
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.35

10 November 2015 | research article

First conjugal union and religion: Signs contrary to the Second Demographic Transition in Brazil?

Ana Paula Verona, Claudio Dias Jr., Dimitri Fazito, Paula Miranda-Ribeiro

Volume: 33 Article ID: 34
Pages: 985–1014
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.34

05 November 2015 | research article

Measuring intergenerational financial support: Analysis of two cross-national surveys

Tom Emery, Stipica Mudrazija

Volume: 33 Article ID: 33
Pages: 951–984
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.33

03 November 2015 | descriptive finding

Residential mobility in early childhood: Household and neighborhood characteristics of movers and non-movers

Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Elisabeth Root, Stefanie Mollborn

Volume: 33 Article ID: 32
Pages: 939–950
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.32

28 October 2015 | research article

Inter-generational co-residence and women's work and leisure time in Egypt

Nadia Diamond-Smith, David Bishai, Omaima El Gibaly

Volume: 33 Article ID: 31
Pages: 909–938
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.31

27 October 2015 | research article

Socio-economic determinants of divorce in Lithuania: Evidence from register-based census-linked data

Ausra Maslauskaite, Aiva Jasilioniene, Domantas Jasilionis, Vladislava Stankuniene, Vladimir Shkolnikov

Volume: 33 Article ID: 30
Pages: 871–908
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.30

22 October 2015 | research article

Reconstructing historical fertility change in Mongolia: Impressive fertility rise before continued fertility decline

Thomas Spoorenberg

Volume: 33 Article ID: 29
Pages: 841–870
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.29

21 October 2015 | research article

The sensitivity analysis of population projections

Hal Caswell, Nora Sánchez Gassen

Volume: 33 Article ID: 28
Pages: 801–840
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.28

14 October 2015 | research article

New perspective on youth migration: Motives and family investment patterns

Jessica Heckert

Volume: 33 Article ID: 27
Pages: 765–800
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.27

06 October 2015 | research article

Educational differences in timing and quantum of childbearing in Britain: A study of cohorts born 1940−1969

Ann Berrington, Juliet Stone, Eva Beaujouan

Volume: 33 Article ID: 26
Pages: 733–764
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.26

02 October 2015 | reflection

Exploring social norms around cohabitation: The life course, individualization, and culture: Introduction to Special Collection: "Focus on Partnerships: Discourses on cohabitation and marriage throughout Europe and Australia"

Brienna Perelli-Harris, Laura Bernardi

Volume: 33 Article ID: 25
Pages: 701–732
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.25

23 September 2015 | research article

Adapting chain referral methods to sample new migrants: Possibilities and limitations

Lucinda Platt, Renee Luthra, Tom Frere-Smith

Volume: 33 Article ID: 24
Pages: 665–700
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.24

22 September 2015 | descriptive finding

Motherhood of foreign women in Lombardy: Testing the effects of migration by citizenship

Eleonora Mussino, Giuseppe Gabrielli, Anna Paterno, Salvatore Strozza, Laura Terzera

Volume: 33 Article ID: 23
Pages: 653–664
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.23

18 September 2015 | research article

Does waiting pay off for couples? Partnership duration prior to household formation and union stability

Christine Schnor

Volume: 33 Article ID: 22
Pages: 611–652
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.22

17 September 2015 | descriptive finding

Taylor's power law in human mortality

Christina Bohk-Ewald, Roland Rau, Joel E. Cohen

Volume: 33 Article ID: 21
Pages: 589–610
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.21

16 September 2015 | research article

Lifetime reproduction and the second demographic transition: Stochasticity and individual variation

Silke van Daalen, Hal Caswell

Volume: 33 Article ID: 20
Pages: 561–588
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.20

11 September 2015 | research article

Modeling the fertility impact of the proximate determinants: Time for a tune-up

John Bongaarts

Volume: 33 Article ID: 19
Pages: 535–560
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.19

09 September 2015 | descriptive finding

The impact of demographic change on intergenerational transfers via bequests

Emilio Zagheni, Brittney Wagner

Volume: 33 Article ID: 18
Pages: 525–534
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.18

08 September 2015 | research article

Neighborhood-health links: Differences between rural-to-urban migrants and natives in Shanghai

Danan Gu, Haiyan Zhu, Ming Wen

Volume: 33 Article ID: 17
Pages: 499–524
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.17

04 September 2015 | research article

Partnership dynamics across generations of immigration in France: Structural vs. cultural factors

Ariane Pailhé

Volume: 33 Article ID: 16
Pages: 451–498
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.16

02 September 2015 | research article

Sexual networks, partnership mixing, and the female-to-male ratio of HIV infections in generalized epidemics: An agent-based simulation study

Georges Reniers, Benjamin Armbruster, Aaron Lucas

Volume: 33 Article ID: 15
Pages: 425–450
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.15

01 September 2015 | research article

Decomposing changes in life expectancy: Compression versus shifting mortality

Marie-Pier Bergeron-Boucher, Marcus Ebeling, Vladimir Canudas-Romo

Volume: 33 Article ID: 14
Pages: 391–424
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.14

26 August 2015 | research article

Average age at death in infancy and infant mortality level: Reconsidering the Coale-Demeny formulas at current levels of low mortality

Evgeny M. Andreev, W. Ward Kingkade

Volume: 33 Article ID: 13
Pages: 363–390
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.13

25 August 2015 | research article

Commitment and the changing sequence of cohabitation, childbearing, and marriage: Insights from qualitative research in the UK

Ann Berrington, Brienna Perelli-Harris, Paulina Trevena

Volume: 33 Article ID: 12
Pages: 327–362
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.12

06 August 2015 | descriptive finding

The 1918 influenza pandemic and subsequent birth deficit in Japan

Siddharth Chandra, Yan-Liang Yu

Volume: 33 Article ID: 11
Pages: 313–326
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.11

04 August 2015 | research article

Union formation and dissolution among immigrants and their descendants in the United Kingdom

Tina Hannemann, Hill Kulu

Volume: 33 Article ID: 10
Pages: 273–312
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.10

22 July 2015 | research article

The low importance of marriage in eastern Germany - social norms and the role of peoples’ perceptions of the past

Andreas Klärner

Volume: 33 Article ID: 9
Pages: 239–272
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.9

21 July 2015 | research article

Ideation and intention to use contraceptives in Kenya and Nigeria

Stella Babalola, Neetu John, Bolanle Ajao, Ilene Speizer

Volume: 33 Article ID: 8
Pages: 211–238
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.8

16 July 2015 | research article

For the times they are a changin': The respect for religious precepts through the analysis of the seasonality of marriages. Italy, 1862-2012.

Gabriele Ruiu, Marco Breschi

Volume: 33 Article ID: 7
Pages: 179–210
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.7

15 July 2015 | research article

Changes in partnership patterns across the life course: An examination of 14 countries in Europe and the United States

Brienna Perelli-Harris, Mark Amos

Volume: 33 Article ID: 6
Pages: 145–178
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.6

14 July 2015 | research article

Patterns and selectivities of urban/rural migration in Israel

Uzi Rebhun, Brown David

Volume: 33 Article ID: 5
Pages: 113–144
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.5

08 July 2015 | editorial

Explaining fertility: The potential for integrative approaches: Introduction to the Special Collection "Theoretical Foundations of the Analysis of Fertility"

Johannes Huinink, Martin Kohli, Jens Ehrhardt

Volume: 33 Article ID: 4
Pages: 93–112
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.4

07 July 2015 | research article

Educational differences in early childbearing: A cross-national comparative study

James Raymo, Marcia Carlson, Alicia VanOrman, Sojung Lim, Brienna Perelli-Harris, Miho Iwasawa

Volume: 33 Article ID: 3
Pages: 65–92
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.3

03 July 2015 | research article

Marriage and divorce of immigrants and descendants of immigrants in Sweden

Gunnar Andersson, Ognjen Obućina, Kirk Scott

Volume: 33 Article ID: 2
Pages: 31–64
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.2

01 July 2015 | research article

Reproductive behavior following evacuation to foster care during World War II

Torsten Santavirta, Mikko Myrskylä

Volume: 33 Article ID: 1
Pages: 1–30
DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2015.33.1