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Samuel J. Clark

My research interests include the demography of Africa; demographic methods; mathematical modeling of population processes; the theory and practice of temporal databases as they relate to population data; and the ethics, policies and procedures necessary to archive, pool, share and analyze longitudinal population data generated by multiple institutions. Recent research topics include adaptation of Bayesian statistical methods to epidemiological modeling and population projection; the design and implementation of a two-sex, stochastic microsimulation model of an African population with HIV; developing new methods for automated assignment of cause of death from verbal autopsy; thinking about new surveillance methods for health and population studies; temporal relational database designs for demographic and health research; development of a component model of mortality; and the identification of general mortality patterns for Africa based on new empirical data from the INDEPTH Network. I work closely with the Agincourt Health and Demographic Surveillance System site in rural South Africa (, the ALPHA Network of HIV surveillance sites in Africa (, and the INDEPTH Network of health and demographic surveillance system sites in Africa and Asia (

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