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Samuel J. Clark

I am a demographer, epidemiologist, and aspiring statistician who develops new methods and investigates population dynamics and epidemiology in low- and middle-income countries, with a focus in Africa.

I work as a professor in the Department of Sociology at The Ohio State University (OSU), and I am a faculty affiliate of the Institute for Population Research and the Translational Data Analytics Institute, both at OSU. I am affiliated with the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington and the School of Public Health at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Most recently, I have been working on a survey to estimate the prevalence of the coronavirus and an excess deaths study to characterize the total burden of mortality associated with the COVID-19 epidemic. Both projects are in the state of Ohio, USA, and are conducted in close coordination with the Ohio State Department of Health.

On an ongoing basis, I develop mortality models and work to improve: 1) verbal autopsy as a tool to measure burden of disease, 2) mathematical models of human mortality, 3) indirect estimates of child mortality, and 4) small-area estimates of mortality. I also coordinate a small team developing software to implement new methods - mostly for verbal autopsy and mathematical models of human mortality.

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